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Insurance Discounts – The Real Deal

Can you really save money by switching your insurance to one Agent?

We have all seen the commercials and we know the tag lines, but how true is the information we read and see?

From this agencies perspective, the information is both true and a little false. 

It’s true because in some instances you can save money by combining your policies with one carrier and/or agent.  There are discounts, such as Multi-Line credit, Homeowners Credit, Auto Credit, Umbrella Credit.  Contrary to the belief you have to have your insurance with the same carrier in order to get these discounts; that is accurate.

You can get credits across multiple carriers; for instance you have your home with one carrier and your auto with another.  So long as your agent controls both accounts you can qualify for a discount.  You can also get a discount for having an auto policy and a renters policy.  So you don’t have to own a home to get a discount, renters can also qualify.

The false in these statements/commercials is that not everyone qualifies and your discount may not be as deep as you are lead to believe.  However, you will more than likely get a discount, the amount ( percentage)  is not guaranteed.

Aside of discounts, when you have one Agent, that cuts down on the gaps in coverage.  When an Agent is given the full picture of your insurance needs, coverage’s and exposures they can better provide you with options and pricing that better suits your needs.  

In addition, one Agent means that if you have a loss you won’t have to remember who has your auto, your home or your business insurance.  One Agent is far easier to remember than 3 or 4.

Finally, as well as covering all your needs you are also going to insure that you are receiving all of the credits you are entitled to.

Our Agency provides a full line of insurance products and carriers.  Call for a free review of your insurance coverage’s and needs.  Let’s see if WE can SAVE you Money today!




From our Family to Yours – We Wish You All a Happy, Healthy and Safe Holiday.

Earthquakes, Mudslides and Floods – Which does your Homeowners Insurance Cover?

Earthquakes, Mudslides and Floods – Which does your Homeowners Insurance Cover?

The answer to this is – NONE!

Standard Homeowners policies never cover Flood or Mudslides, and these coverage’s can’t be added on. A separate flood policy must be taken out to cover a Flood or Mudflow but not a Mudslide. Since is it difficult during a severe storm how much damage is from Flooding, Mudflow or Mudslide, it is best to get a Flood Policy and Mudslide Policy (if you are in an area prone to mudslides).

Earthquake is one of the few disasters that you may be able to request to be added to your Homeowner’s insurance policy but this is not always the case.

When in doubt, contact your agent for more details.

Special Limits – Valuables

Most consumers are unaware that when they purchase a Homeowners or Renters policy that there are limitations to items such as; jewelry, fine arts, silverware and the like.

While Homeowners and Renters policies provide coverage for clothing, furniture and other personal property; jewelry coverage, for instance is provided for a very limited amount and for specific perils (like theft only).

The best way to get the right coverage, is to have your items appraised and contact our office to discuss adding a Schedule of Valuable Articles to your policy.

For reference, see the article below:

Home   Owners Insurance Limits
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