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As Flu Season Approaches, Make Sure Your Health Insurance is the Best It Can Be

Having adequate health insurance coverage is vital to ensuring that you and your family are protected whether you get a simple cold or a severe and debilitating illness.

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The right coverage is especially important in late fall and early winter, when flu season approaches and it seems like everyone you know is coming down with a “bug” of some kind.  Taking preventive measures by making use of your insurance to have everyone in your family vaccinated against the flu is the best way to make sure everyone stays healthy and doesn’t suffer any downtime due to illness.

When you are shopping for health insurance, there are steps you can take to cut your premium down to a more manageable size.  By working closely with your agent or representative, they can also help you find the most coverage for the lowest rates and check for any discounts you may be eligible for.  You can also ask for a higher deductible to bring your premium amount down, and another way to keep your rates low is to work on getting healthy and staying that way.

Don’t let flu season catch you and your family unprepared.  Our agents here at Schumacher Insurance Group work with a variety of insurance companies to make sure we can provide you with the best policy and the best rates, so contact us today and find out more about how health insurance can work for you.  It’s not an expense, it’s an investment in your health and the health of your family.


The Winter is Fast Approaching: 3 Tips for Preventing Weather Damage to Your Home

Winter will be here before you know it, bringing with it snow, freezing rain, and cold temperatures.  To keep your home in excellent condition and prevent changes in weather from causing damage that could have been avoided, make sure you adopt and adhere to a preventive maintenance and home safety program for your home.

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Here are three tips you can follow to keep winter’s potentially damaging effects from doing harm to your home:

  1. Insulate your plumbing, such as the water heater lines or the main lines coming to and going from your house.  When the temperature drops below freezing the water in these pipes can quickly turn to ice because they are not protected by the controlled climate in the interior spaces of the home.
  2. Don’t let snow accumulate on your roof.  Aside from potential damage due the added weight on your roof, the snow can melt and then refreeze near the bottom of the roof above or in the gutters (called “ice dams”), causing additional damage by forcing any additional melted snow to spread to the spaces under the roof shingles, around beams, and into your attic.
  3. Prevent water damage by keeping snow, slush, and ice out of your house.  Make sure all parts of your roof are sealed and insulated properly, keep windows closed and ensure that their jambs and frames are secure, and check your foundation for possible points of entry.

Having a home safety plan in place for the coming winter will help you stay ahead of any possible repair or maintenance your home may need by anticipating it and preventing it in the first place.  Take care of your home by letting Schumacher Insurance Group work with you to find a home insurance policy that is tailored to your needs.  Contact us today!

Plan On Taking Your Recreational Vehicle Out This Fall? Make Sure It’s Insured With Us

Whether you have an all-terrain vehicle, dirt bike, or you’re planning on taking your on-road vehicle to have some off-road fun, make sure your ride is covered with the right car insurance.

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Having the right insurance is important to make sure that others are protected if you are involved in an at-fault accident, or to make sure that you are covered if the accident or mishap is through no fault of your own.  Without insurance to provide repairs to your damaged vehicle, you could find yourself without transportation for a while, and the cost of repairs would come completely out of your pocket.  Avoid the expense of handling those financial obligations on your own and cover your car with the right insurance plan today.

Picking a car insurance plan is easy when you work with our knowledgeable agents here at Schumacher Insurance Group.  We work with a huge selection of different insurance companies so we can provide you with the best plan coverage and the best rates possible.  We worry about what the state minimum coverage is so that you don’t have to, and we narrow down the insurance agencies to those few that provide you with the coverage you need at a price you can live with.

Don’t wait until after an accident to start exploring the option of car insurance.  The time to obtain it is now, before you need it!  Contact us today and let one of our qualified agents answer any questions you may have about car insurance coverage, premiums, policy requirements, and all other facets of getting great coverage for your car.  The time to act is now!

Is Your Business Moving to a New Building? We Can Make Sure Your Investment is Protected

Acquiring property is one means of increasing your net worth, and one way companies do that is when they have outgrown or outperformed their existing space and need a new building or facility to house one or more aspects of their operations.  This acquisition is an investment worth protecting, and that means having the right business insurance.

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Here are some tips to keep in mind when choosing and maintaining an insurance policy for your business:

  • Decide what you want before speaking with an insurance provider.  This will help you wade through the different policy types, provisions, add-ons, and other options that can make choosing a policy more complicated than it needs to be.
  • Always be completely forthcoming with the insurance agent about all aspects of your business and its finances and operations, especially how it may be exposed to risk or loss.  Hiding pertinent data from your agent can cause serious repercussions in the future, including policy cancellation.
  • Don’t select the first offer put in front of you.  Shop around first to find out what different providers can offer and how their pricing structures may differ.
  • Do not self-insure.  This can be incredibly expensive should be you ever have to pay out claims through self-insurance, and the capital required to insure losses can sometimes be astronomically large.
  • Perform an annual assessment of your insurance coverage to make sure it still meets your company’s needs.

The professionals here at Schumacher Insurance Group can help you select the business insurance that best fits your needs by evaluating the policies available through the many companies we partner with.  Contact us today and speak with an agent to find out more about how business insurance can protect your valuable investments.

We Offer Great Insurance Plans for Your Beaverton Home

Having home insurance should not be considered an option or a matter that you put on the back burner to take care of later rather than sooner.  Ensuring that your home and all the contents it contains are protected against theft or damage should be one of the highest priorities for you as a homeowner.

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Home insurance also provides coverage in the event that you are considered liable for injury to someone else while they are on your property, so not only does it protect your property, it protects you from accidents – either accidental or intentional – that happen at your home.

Choosing an insurance plan for your Beaverton home does not have to be a tedious chore, either.  We know that’s why many people put off selecting a policy to cover their valuables, property, health, vehicle, or life – because the thought of tackling the provider selection process may seem daunting.  It’s definitely does not have to be.

Here at Schumacher Insurance Group we work with many major insurance companies to provide you the best coverage at the lowest rates, taking the headache out of insurance selection and giving you the peace of mind of knowing that you made the best choice for your property, valuables, and your family.

When you are ready to pick a policy to cover your home, contact one of our qualified representatives today and let them work with you to maximize your coverage and minimize your payments.  We take the work out of choosing an insurance provider and strive to make the process as convenient and hassle-free as possible.

Be Sure to Ask These 5 Questions When Attaining Car Insurance

In nearly every state in the United States, car insurance is now mandatory and proof of insurance must be provided when an individual attempts to register a vehicle or obtain license plates.  While some people may view this type of insurance as an “option” it is, in reality, a necessary evil – since it is legally required even though it may never be used.

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The most obvious benefit to having car insurance, aside from meeting legal requirements, is that when you do need it because of accidental or intentional damage to your vehicle, you have it available.  This is especially valuable if you are involved in an accident where substantial property damage or personal injury occurs, as both can be extremely expensive to the at-fault party.

When shopping for car insurance, make sure you are fully informed before making a decision on a provider.  Here are five questions to ask before selecting a policy:

  1. What is the minimum required coverage in my state?
  2. How much is the deductible, and can changing the amount raise (or lower) my premiums?
  3. What discounts are available?
  4. Do you have 24-hour, 7-day-a-week claims services?
  5. Aside from myself, who would be covered if they drive my car (and do they need to be specifically listed on the policy)?

Getting answers to those key questions will help you make a more-informed decision about which insurance provider and policy or coverage to select.  If you have additional questions about obtaining car insurance, how it works, or what is required on your part to obtain and maintain coverage, speak with one of the qualified representatives at Schumacher Insurance Group today.  We’re here to help you handle life’s necessary evils, so contact us before you need coverage, not after the fact!

We Can Help Your Small Business Put Together Surety Bonds

A small business that specializes in contractor services can often face a seemingly endless list of obstacles and challenges when it is first starting out, whether these hurdles come in the form of acquiring adequate capital, securing talented personnel, or successfully bidding on major contracts that can quickly boost a company’s exposure and reputation.  One way to acquire those contracts is to obtain a surety bond.

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A surety bond is as insurance policy that is instituted between the contracting company, a third-party insurance company, and the client who wishes to have work performed.  The bond provides a guarantee that the contractor will fulfill the terms of the contract or agreement and offers the contractor the ability to provide a surety bond rather than a cash deposit when securing the contracted work.  The bond offering in lieu of cash is extremely beneficial for a small business that can do the job but just doesn’t have the cash capital to secure the contract.

If the original contractor is unable to complete the work, the insurance company issuing the bond is obligated to find another contractor to finish the project or provide financial compensation to the client for any monetary loss incurred.

If you need assistance with surety bonds for your small business, the professional agents here at Schumacher Insurance Group can work closely with you to determine what you need and what the most advantageous options are for your company to obtain needed bonds.  Contact us today to find out more about how we can help your business in your quest for success.

5 Ways to Lower Life Insurance Costs

We sometimes think of the word “insurance” as a dirty word in our vocabulary, and usually associate it’s supposed evil with the often elevated costs of obtaining and keeping insurance.

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Despite how we think of it, insurance is a necessity in many parts of our lives, especially when it comes to ensuring that our loved ones will be cared for in the event of our unfortunate and untimely demise.  This is why life insurance should be one of the first coverages you look toward when selecting from the many different kinds of options available.

You can actually do a few things to lower your life insurance costs, and this makes it a more appealing option.  Here are a few steps you can take to keep your premiums down while obtaining the most coverage possible for the safety and security of your family:

  1. Get what you need.  The higher your insurance coverage, the higher your premiums, so choose only what you need for coverage.
  2. Get healthy.  Quit bad habits like smoking and get in shape.  Insurance premiums are lower for people who demonstrate greater longevity through lifestyle choices and habits.
  3. When policy shopping, make sure you read the fine print – it sometimes contains hidden fees.
  4. Choose a term life insurance policy – they are generally less expensive than whole or universal.
  5. Always shop around for the best policy for your needs.

Getting the coverage you need at a price that won’t make you wince is easy when you speak to a qualified agent at Shumacher Insurance Group.  We deal with over two dozen companies so you don’t have to, taking the hassle out of obtaining insurance and providing you with peace of mind!

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