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Keep Your Car Insurance Costs Low With These 5 Tips

While we may not like the idea of bearing the expense of car insurance, it is a necessary evil that is legally required in most states.  You may never have to file a claim with your insurance company, but if you do find yourself involved in an accident or dealing with damage to your vehicle, you’ll be glad you have the protection of car insurance to put your car back on the road quickly.

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Your vehicle’s insurance doesn’t need to be as high as it could be, and here are a few tips for keeping those premiums low:

  1. Park your car in your driveway or garage, and let your insurance agent know.  This helps reduce the potential for theft.
  2. Add security options like an alarm system or passive deterrent like Lo-Jack (often available through the dealership).
  3. Consider the type of car when it’s time to buy.  Some cars have higher rates simply because they are sporty or more likely to be stolen.
  4. Don’t add additional drivers unless it’s absolutely necessary.  More drivers usually equals higher premiums.
  5. When selecting policy options, choose a higher deductible (your out of pocket expense).  This can provide you with a drop in your rates.

When you are ready to purchase car insurance for your vehicle, let our professional staff at Schumacher Insurance Group work with you to find the policy that fits both your needs and your budget.  We have access to several major carriers, giving us a broader range of policies and options to choose from.  We can help you get the best possible coverage for one of your biggest investments!


Be Sure to Protect Your Business With a Insurance Policy Found by Schumacher Insurance

Having the right insurance for your business is important.  It provides you with protection and coverage against a wide variety of situations and unanticipated events, with some of those being extremely costly if your company isn’t covered by the right business insurance policies. At Schumacher Insurance Group, we work with a wide variety of major insurance carriers, and we can help you find business insurance policies tailored to fit the needs of your company at a price you can live with.

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There are several different components of business insurance policies that you may not be aware of, such as employment practices liability coverage and business owner’s policies.  We can make you aware of all your options, discuss what types of coverage would be best suited to your business needs, and help you pick a plan that is customized to provide you with the coverage your company requires.  We even offer business vehicle coverage, worker’s compensation, general liability, and commercial property insurance coverage for businesses.

Don’t let your lack of knowledge regarding your insurance options, or a lack of adequate coverage, cause your business to suffer in the future if unfortunate events occur.  At Schumacher Insurance Group, we work hard to provide the best possible protection for your interests and assets, giving you the comfort of knowing that when you most need protection, we’re there to provide it.  Contact us today to find out more about how we can help you with all your business insurance needs.

5 Tips to Help You Understand the Health Care “Marketplaces” Created Under the Affordable Care Act

Those of you who are not covered under a health insurance plan offered by your employer may be feeling a bit anxious as the end of the year draw near and you are still without health insurance.  While January 1st is fast approaching, and while the federal government still hasn’t worked all the bugs out of their health care marketplaces to allow people to sign up for health insurance according to the requirements of the Affordable Care Act, you don’t need to start panicking just yet.

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Here are a few tips to help you understand the health care marketplaces and how they work:

  1. The health care marketplaces operate like online commerce sites.
  2. Not all states offer a state-operated exchange.  As of the middle of October 2013, only half the states were considering one or opted for a federally-run marketplaces.
  3. You may qualify for a discount based on your annual income.
  4. If you are able to obtain health insurance through alternate sources, you do not need to sign up through the government’s marketplaces.
  5. If you have not obtained health insurance coverage through a private insurer, employer-provided health care plan, or a state or federal marketplace by March 2014, you can be assessed a financial penalty on your annual income taxes.

Our professional staff at Schumacher Insurance Group can help you find a health insurance plan that best fits your needs and your budget, without all the hassles of trying to navigate a federally operated website.  Work with a live person rather than a computer, and let our agents tailor an insurance plan that gets you covered to meet the requirements of the Affordable Care Act.  Contact us today and let us assist you in meeting your health insurance needs.

Let’s Us Help You Find the Perfect Insurance Policy For You

Finding the perfect insurance policies for your home, health, vehicle, or business can sometimes feel like finding a needle in a haystack.  There are literally so many options and agencies that you simply don’t know where to turn.  When you work with an independent insurance agency like Schumacher Insurance Group, we have one big advantage that other agencies don’t – we can explore the policies and options available at several different major carriers to find insurance policies that are best suited for your needs and budget.

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Whether you need state-mandated minimum coverage for your vehicle or a homeowner’s insurance policy that also covers your swimming pool and detached storage buildings, or even if you are seeking a business policy that provides commercial property coverage and builder’s risk insurance, we can tap into a wealth of information to help you choose a policy from a large pool of coverage providers.  Not only can we work with you to find that perfect policy, we can also assist you with saving money on your insurance rates by combining different policies and coverage options.

At Schumacher Insurance Group, we’re here to meet your insurance needs.  No matter what you are looking for, we can help you find it.  Our professional staff is ready to provide you with the assistance you need to get the best possible coverage at the best rates, and we aren’t satisfied until you are!  Contact us today to learn more about the options and policies available for your insurance needs.

Get Your Beaverton Home Prepared for the Michigan Winter With These 4 Tips

Michigan winters can be especially harsh, and while you are busy winterizing your car, your wardrobe, and your life, don’t forget to get your house ready for the onslaught of cold, snow, and sleet.  Taking care of your home is especially important because home repairs can be very costly, and the integrity of your home’s exterior and its structural durability is a large part of what protects you and your family from the harsh elements of Mother Nature.

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Make sure your home is ready for the changing season with these winter weather tips:

  1. Make sure your roof is structurally sound and has no leaks, missing shingles, or weak spots.  These can be places where snow and freezing water pool and leak into your attic or overhead crawlspace, doing damage to the interior of your house.
  2. Properly insulate any exposed or exterior pipes and plumbing before the cold weather arrives.  Freezing pipes can burst, causing you to go without water until they can be repaired.
  3. Check all doors and windows to be sure they are sealed to prevent heat loss.  Not only does this keep the temperature in your home more regulated, but it also reduces the wear and tear on your heating equipment.
  4. Clear snow from your roof and gutters before it accumulates to avoid damage caused by the weight of accumulated snow and ice.

Keep these winter weather tips in mind when you are battening down the hatches for the cold season.  Make sure your home is covered by a homeowner’s insurance policy that provides you with the protection your property needs in case unfortunate circumstances do occur.  At Schumacher Insurance Group, we can work with you to get the coverage you need for your home at a price that won’t leave you out on a limb!

Protect Your Assets With These 4 Business Liability Tips

There are a few different types of business liability insurance that are available to companies, namely employment practices liability, professional liability, and commercial general liability (CGL).  Commercial general liability insurance offers the broadest range of coverage for aspects of your business such as:

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  • Work-related operations that occur on or off the premises
  • Products manufactured, sold, or distributed by your company
  • Personal injury
  • Medical expenses at the workplace or job site, without regard to fault

Those situations are just a few of the types of coverage provided by CGL, and – aside from securing business liability insurance for your company – you can take steps to protect the assets of your business proactively with these tips:

  1. Make sure your insurance policy provides coverage for what your business needs and keep your rates lower by avoiding blanket policies that cover options that are not necessary.
  2. Don’t accept the first offer of insurance that crosses your desk.  Do your homework, shop around, and evaluate the provisions of several different policies before selecting one.
  3. Choose a policy that has the ability to grow and expand in conjunction with the needs and operations of your business.
  4. Ask for an annual review of your business liability insurance policy to make sure it still fits the needs of your company.

When you work with Schumacher Insurance Group, you are working with an insurance agency that offers policy options from several major insurance carriers.  This allows us to give you more options and helps us find a plan that perfectly fits your needs without breaking your budget.  Contact us today to find out more about how we can help you protect your company’s assets!

Let Us Find You a Great Rate on Your Rental Insurance in Beaverton

When you are renting a home, whether it’s an apartment, condo, or single family dwelling, one of your priorities should be to make sure your personal belongings are protected against theft or damage due to unfortunate events beyond your control.  This can be even more important if you are renting a residence that is part of a multi-unit building or complex, where you have shared walls, ceilings, or floors with your neighbors.

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Rental insurance can give you the peace of mind of knowing that your losses will be covered when something happens, leaving you free to take care of more immediate or necessary worries such as if the situation requires that you relocate promptly, or if you or your loved ones sustained personal injuries during the circumstances that precipitated your property loss.

When you work with our professional agents here at Schumacher Insurance Group to obtain your rental insurance, you are working with an outstanding team that will go the extra mile to get you the coverage you need at prices you can afford.  We work with several major insurance carriers, as well, which gives us the ability to “shop” for a plan that is right for you.

Don’t wait until after something occurs to start looking for rental insurance.  The time to get coverage is now, so you’ll have it for the future in case you do need it.  Contact us today to find out more about how we can help you get a coverage plan that fits your needs.

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