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Keep Your All Terrain Vehicle Insured With Our Affordable Policies

When summer time rolls around, that means it’s time to get out the toys!  You may have all kinds of recreational vehicles stashed away in your garage or storage building, just waiting for warmer weather so you can enjoy some outdoor riding and fun in the sun.

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Whether it’s a motorcycle, all terrain vehicle, boat, jet ski, or off-road modified full-size vehicle, there’s nothing more enjoyable than kicking up your heels on the back or behind the wheel of your recreational vehicle.

Before you do fire up your all terrain vehicle and head to the hills, make sure you have it covered by one of our affordable all terrain vehicle policies. You’ll have protection for your rough ride if an accident does happen.  If you’ve made modifications to your all terrain vehicle or added features that enhance its performance, make sure the policy you are looking at provides coverage for vehicle enhancements.  You may be able to receive a lower rate on your policy if you’ve taken a safety course in the operation of your all terrain vehicle too. Be sure to check if this type of course is available in your area.

Here at Schumacher Insurance Group, we are an independent agency with the ability to tap into the policies and coverage provided by several major carriers, so we can find several different affordable all terrain vehicle policies for you to choose from.  Contact us today and let one of our professional agents work with you to get the coverage you need at a price you can afford.


Let Us Help You With the Worker’s Compensation Insurance Needs of Your Small Business

Small businesses often have to make decisions regarding their operations on a daily basis, especially when it comes to those which have a financial impact on the company.

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Instead of cutting corners where you shouldn’t be, your company should definitely make sure it has adequate insurance coverage for certain aspects of business.  One of the basic coverages you should obtain is small business worker’s compensation insurance.

If accidents or injuries occur to your employees, having worker’s compensation insurance will help ensure that your company is able to manage the financial aspects of providing medical care for the injured employee. Aside from providing coverage for medical payments and disabilities that occur to your employees, worker’s compensation insurance for small businesses also provides coverage in the event that your company is sued as a result of employment-related injuries.

As an independent insurance agency, we have access to the policies and coverage of several different major carriers. This allows us to offer you the widest range of options when it comes to choosing insurance coverage for your small business needs.  One option we can provide is a pay-as-you-go worker’s compensation insurance plan through The Hartford, that allows you to bear the cost of only the coverage you absolutely need.

Contact us here at Schumacher Insurance Group to find out more about how we can meet your small business insurance needs.

Be Safe With These 5 Motorcycle Safety Tips

With the seasons changing and warmer weather heading our way, it’s about time to get your motorcycle out of the garage and get it primed and ready for some short jaunts around town and perhaps some longer road trips across the state or country.  When you do hit the road on your chopper, make sure you follow these motorcycle safety tips so you’ll stay safe when traveling:

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  1. Wear proper protective gear (helmet, long pants, closed-toe shoes, jacket).  Going shirtless and wearing shorts and flip-flops is a recipe for disaster if an unfortunate accident occurs.
  2. Remember that most vehicle drivers don’t pay attention to motorcycle riders, so always ride defensively and pay attention to your surroundings.
  3. Avoid distractions while riding.
  4. Do not attempt to ride above your skill level.  In other words, don’t try to show off!
  5. Don’t take passengers along for the ride unless you are comfortable with piloting a motorcycle with the added weight and unpredictable shifting of your passenger, and make sure they understand the basic “rules” of riding as a passenger on a motorcycle.

Before taking your bike out for a ride, make sure you have it covered with the right motorcycle insurance.  Above all other tips, having the proper insurance is perhaps the most prudent of all motorcycle safety tips you could pay attention to.  Our expert agents here at Schumacher Insurance Group can help you get the coverage you need for your ride, so contact us today to learn more.

3 Weird and Real Auto Insurance Claims

Insurance agents have the opportunity to hear a variety of reasons for why people are filing a claim with their auto insurance carrier.  Here are three weird and real auto insurance claims stories that agents have heard over the past several decades:

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  • In a moment of near-slapstick comedy, a driver accidentally rear-ended the vehicle in front of him.  When he backed up to examine the damage, he hit the car behind him.  As he was opening the door of his car to get out and see what he had wrought, he hit a passing cyclist with his car door!
  • In 1974, a young woman took her Volkswagen minibus to an auto shop for detailing.  The minibus disappeared and the woman was paid $600 (the purchase price) by her insurer.  Thirty-five years later, the minibus was discovered by U.S. Customs – perfectly restored and valued at over $25,000 – in a cargo container on a ship bound for the Netherlands.
  • A man was going hunting and had his shotgun in the seat beside him in his trusty pick-up truck.  When he stopped and got out, he grabbed his gun and it discharged.  Because it could not be determined whether he caused the gun to fire when he grabbed it or it accidentally discharged, his comprehensive insurance policy paid him for the substantial damage to the interior of his truck.

Stop by Schumacher Insurance Group to check on rates for your auto, home, and life insurance, and while you’re there, ask about some of the strangest auto insurance claims stories our agents have ever heard.  Contact us today to find out how we can meet all your insurance needs.

Need to Insure Your New Jersey Non-Profit? Check Out These 3 Types of Insurance Policies You Will Need

If you have a non-profit or charitable organization in the State of New Jersey, there are three types of non-profit insurance that you should give serious consideration to.

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While a non-profit organization may have fewer business needs than a commercial enterprise operating for profit, protecting your assets is still vitally important.  The three types of non-profit insurance you may need are:

  • Business Auto Insurance:  If your non-profit has a vehicle owned by and used for the needs of the non-profit, you need to have the vehicle covered by an insurance plan.
  • Property Insurance:  Whether you are leasing a property for your non-profit organization or you own real estate or a building, property insurance is important to make sure your tangible assets are protected.
  • Liability Insurance:  This type of coverage is vital to a non-profit business because these types of organizations have no immunity from legal actions.  There are always circumstances where a legal claim or lawsuit could arise, ranging from sexual harassment to slip-and-fall injuries on your property, and liability insurance can help you manage those events if and when they occur.

Schumacher Insurance Group can help your organization obtain the non-profit insurance coverage you need to make sure you are protected if something unexpected happens.  Contact us today to learn more about how we can help you with your insurance coverage needs.

Protect the Assets of Your New Jersey Business With These 3 Business Liability Insurance Tips

For those of you who are owners or managers of a small business, finding business insurance tips to help you get the best coverage for your company is relatively easy.  The important thing is that you do have coverage for your business in the event of unfortunate circumstances beyond your control.

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Business liability insurance usually provides coverage in many different areas, like bodily and personal injury (which can include libel or slander), damage to the property of others on your premises, and false or misleading advertising.

Here are three business insurance tips for obtaining the best liability coverage for your company’s needs:

  1. Find out what type(s) of business liability insurance you need.  Will you need general liability, professional or property liability, environmental or employment practices liability?  There are several different forms of this coverage, so know what you need before making a decision.
  2. Aside from determining what you think you need, check with the minimum requirements for business liability coverage for New Jersey, also.  The state may have specific coverage requirements that have to be met.
  3. Work with an independent insurance agency to get access to more options.  An independent agency has access to the coverage options of several major carriers, which gives you a bigger selection when it comes to getting coverage for your business.

Schumacher Insurance Group is an independent agency that can work closely with you to get the coverage your business needs at a rate that fits your budget.  Contact us today to learn more about how we can help you with your business insurance needs.

5 Tips for Lowering Your Car Insurance Rate

When it comes to having car insurance, chances are you may not want to have it but know that you have to, whether it’s a practicality or a legal requirement (which it is).  This means you may be interested in car insurance tips that can help you keep your rates low.

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Here are a few ways you can keep your car insurance rates as low as possible so you can get the coverage you need at a price you can afford:

  1. Shop around for the best rates first.  When you work with an independent agency like we are, you have access to the policies offered by several different carriers, rather than just one.  This allows you to find the best possible rate right off the bat.
  2. Take defensive driving courses if they are available in your area.
  3. Add safety features to your car that make it less appealing to thieves and safer to drive, like a security system or fire extinguisher.
  4. Combine your car insurance plan with another policy through the same insurance provider. This can be your health or life insurance or even a policy on a second vehicle.
  5. Make sure you have a clean driving record, and work to keep it that way.  All infractions can count against you and raise your rates.

Get more car insurance tips that will help you lower your rates by speaking with one of our professional agents here at Schumacher Insurance GroupContact us today to learn more about getting the coverage that best fits your needs at a rate you can live with.

Protect Your Business’ Data With Cyber Liability Coverage

Nearly all companies are now connected to the Internet in some way, whether it’s for simple tasks like email communications, or for more complicated functions like the transmission of confidential and sensitive data between locations. Regardless of how or why your company is connected to the online world, you need to have data breach insurance in place to protect your intellectual property and intangible assets.

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Cyber liability coverage offers protection and financial recovery options if your company’s protected data is ever attacked by hackers or other outsiders. This is not an event restricted to large, global corporations, and data breach insurance can make recovery efforts much easier if this unfortunate event should ever occur. No computer system is truly impervious to data breaches except those that are isolated from all possible points of entry, and even then they can still be victims of internal breaches by employees.

If your company does handle data that is confidential or sensitive, don’t wait until after something has happened to try to manage a potential disaster. Take steps now, with data breach insurance, to make sure you can successfully recover from cyber attacks on your company’s networks.

Schumacher Insurance Group can provide you with cyber liability coverage to help you prepare for and deal with an unanticipated data loss or theft. Contact us today and speak with one of our professional agents to learn more about how we can help your company protect your valuable data assets.

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