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3 Reasons Why You Need Umbrella Insurance

Making sure that you’re protected by your insurance is very important to your mental well-being as knowing that you are covered in any situation is priceless and can give you great peace of mind. The two most popular forms of individual insurance is automotive insurance, which protects your car from theft and also covers any third-party accidents that you may get into, and household insurance which will protect your property and contents from fire, theft and other incidents.

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The third type of insurance that you should consider is umbrella insurance. Umbrella insurance is a policy that provides extra protection when all your other coverage is used up. Some people can feel that umbrella insurance is overkill, specifically since it comes in $100 000 increments, but there are a couple of umbrella insurance tips that will show you why you need it:

  • You are most likely under-protected without it. If you run into a situation where you have to  pay out more than you are insured for, you’ll have to pay the difference out of your pocket, and this can lead to massive financial difficulties. This is particularly true if you are injured or if you injure another party.
  • It provides coverage that other policies don’t. While your home and car are protected, there are other cases where this cover can be excluded, and then you’ll wind up relying on your umbrella policy to cover the cost
  • It is cheap. Compared to the risk of financial ruin, the premiums for umbrella policies aren’t expensive and will cover you for a relatively large amount of money.

To find out if you need umbrella insurance, and what your various options are, it’s wise to speak to a specialist. Schumacher Insurance has expert advisors to give you the best umbrella insurance tips and advice.


Take These 4 Steps After a Car Accident

A car accident isn’t a pleasant experience, but it something that most of us will go through in our lives, even if we are safe drivers. However, even a minor car accident that doesn’t result in any sort of injury or an excessive amount of damage to your vehicle is still an event that you should take seriously.

Car Accident

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However, many people don’t know what things to do after a car accident to make sure that they are safe and covered. Use these tips from Schumacher Insurance Agency after you’ve been involved in a car accident.

  • Make safety a priority. If the accident isn’t serious and nobody is injured, vehicles should be moved out of the road so they aren’t in the path of oncoming traffic and blocking the street or highway. Vehicles that won’t start should be blocked off with hazard cones from your emergency preparedness kit and your hazard lights should be turned on.
  • Photograph the accident and take notes of what happened. You can use any camera you have on you, including your smartphone, to take pictures of the damage to your car and any other vehicles involved. Write down what happened as well, as you may not remember all the details when you need to down the road.
  • Exchange contact information with the other driver or drivers. You’ll need a phone number, email address, home or business address and their insurance information. Make sure you write down the year, make, model and color of other vehicles involved as well.
  • File an accident report with law enforcement. You may not think it’s necessary if there are no injuries, but it’s good to have a formal record of the accident.

Contact Schumacher Insurance Agency for more information and tips on things to do after a car accident.

The Importance of Insurance for a Non Profit Organization

At Schumacher Insurance, we provide needs for all sorts of businesses and organizations, including nonprofits. You might think that such a group doesn’t need coverage, but in fact, insurance for nonprofit organizations is important. They are not immune from risks and need protection like other businesses and ventures.

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Nonprofit organizations are noble groups who do good in the community and are charitable. However, this does not make them immune from lawsuits. They can be sued, and what’s more, most states don’t protect nonprofits from lawsuit risks. These organizations are vulnerable to lawsuits and a general liability policy doesn’t do enough to protect nonprofits.

Fortunately, Schumacher Insurance can help. There are different areas of insurance offered.

  • First is property insurance. If a nonprofit owns or rents real estate, this covers the property. You can also get protection from burglary and data loss.
  • There is also liability insurance. Should someone wind up injured, the organization can be protected from a potential lawsuit.
  • There is also insurance for vehicles used in the organization. In the case of an accident, the organization has coverage.

Insurance for nonprofit organizations is the smart way to go. It gives the people working there peace of mind and assurance so they can carry out the mission and make the world a better place. All businesses, including charitable ones, come with some risk. Knowing what options you have makes an organization stronger.

Talk with an agent about coverage options and get protection for the people and assets. The ones at Schumacher Insurance will gladly assist in helping a nonprofit find the right insurance plans. They will answer questions and teach about risks. Lawsuits happen all too often, but knowing the risks will help you navigate through challenges.

For more information on Schumacher Insurance, contact us online.

Schumacher Insurance Has Won Another Circle of Excellence Award

Choosing your insurance company is one of the most important decisions you can make, and there are plenty of companies that will compete for your attention. How do you know which one will meet your needs at a cost that suits your budget? To add to the confusion, many companies won’t make the differences between home, condominium or home-based business insurance clear, resulting in confusion and may even result in you not recouping your losses after an incident.

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Luckily, there are awards issued to insurance companies that excel in service delivery, such as the 2014 Circle of Excellence award that recognizes Jersey’s best independent insurance agent, with a strong focus on innovation, levels of professionalism and responsive service. Schumacher Insurance has been named one of the Best insurance companies in the state, meaning that regardless of the insurance you’re looking for, you’ll be in safe hands when you choose Schumacher Insurance.

As one of the Best insurance companies in Jersey, we can provide you with whatever insurance service you need, from personal insurance, business insurance, restaurant insurance and health insurance, we provide a full portfolio that will guarantee that you are covered regardless of what your situation is.

Being an independent insurance company means that we can take the time to get to know our clients, and can tailor the insurance plan so that it suits you. In order to save you money, we won’t add cover that you don’t need, and we’ll make sure that you’re taken care of when you need it most. We also embrace modern service experiences for our customers that will make dealing with us a pleasant experience that feels effortless and fair.

Contact us today to get a quote to discover why we are rated one of the Best insurance companies in the state.

3 Homeowners Insurance Mistakes You Should Be Sure to Avoid

No homeowner should be without the protection of homeowners insurance. However, considering the number of options that come with most homeowners insurance policies, it is no coincidence that choosing the right options is easier said than done. Fortunately, if you are interested in getting exactly the protection that you need while paying as little as possible, there is a wealth of experience out there for you to peruse.

Home Owners Insurance

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Be sure to avoid these 3 homeowners insurance mistakes:

  • Under-insuring is one of the most common problems in insuring both homes and their contents. In part, this is because a lot of homeowners choose to purchase coverage based on their mortgage, which is not an accurate assessment of their homes’ real value. Instead, homeowners should hire a professional to estimate the cost of rebuilding their homes and then purchase coverage based on said estimates. Otherwise, said individuals still stand to reap terrible losses in case of unexpected emergencies.
  • Making baseless assumptions about covered and not-covered contingencies is another serious problem that can lead to enormous financial losses. For example, a lot of homeowners assume that their insurance policies come with coverage for flood damage even though it is non-standard. To avoid running into such issues, you must make sure to read through the exact coverages listed in your insurance policy and purchase riders as needed.
  • Some insurance policies come with named-storm deductible clauses, meaning that the insurers can charge higher-than-normal deductibles in case of damage from named storms. You can either choose insurance with the same deductible under all circumstances in exchange for a higher premium or have enough savings on hand to cover a higher-than-normal deductible.

If you are interested in purchasing homeowners insurance to protect both you and your family, please contact us at Schumacher Insurance Agency for expert assistance.

5 Things to Know When Looking for Renters Insurance

After signing the lease and lining up the moving truck, the next thing that needs to be done is to get in touch with one of the experienced agents at Schumacher Insurance Group concerning renters insurance. The apartment or rental home you will be leasing should be insured by the landlord but that insurance doesn’t cover your personal property.

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  • Renters insurance covers loss to your personal property due to a variety of reasons including fire or theft. Also, many policies now cover theft on items you own but weren’t in your home at the time of the incident such a laptop or tablet.
  • Often, a rental policy will cover the cost of a new place to live for up to a period of one year if for some reason your current residence becomes uninhabitable.
  • A guest comes to visit and accidentally trips over your dog breaking their ankle. By having renters insurance, their medical bills will be covered by the third party liability portion of the policy. Renters insurance will also pay if damage is sustained to a guest’s personal property.
  • Before agreeing to a particular policy, make sure you are aware of how much coverage you’ll need. This can be accomplished by doing an in-depth room by room inventory complete with photos.
  • Know what’s not covered. For example, many policies require special riders for things like fur coats, expensive jewelry, antiques or costly artwork. Also, be aware you might have a problem securing a policy if you have a breed of dog considered aggressive.

Now that you have all the facts, please contact Honey, Linnette or any of the other experienced associates at Schumacher Insurance Group for assistance.

Why is Life Insurance So Important? Check Out These 5 Reasons

Whether you have a spouse and children or are single, whether you are old or young, life insurance is still a necessity. While it’s importance might easily be overlooked when you have so many other things to spend money on, make note of the following reasons why you should have life insurance.

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  • First of all, you don’t know when you’re going to die. You could get involved in a tragic accident and die unexpectedly or get an illness that quickly takes your life. Life insurance helps cover bills, such as your mortgage, which can help ease financial stress on your loved ones in the event that you pass away.
  • Life insurance also helps to cover the cost of your funeral. An average funeral is very expensive at $7,000 to $10,000 on average. Without insurance, this amount can be a large burden on your family.
  • Having life insurance can help your dependents cover any remaining financial debt, keeping them from taking on your debt.
  • Through your insurance you can leave a sizable gift to a charity or cause that you are passionate about.
  • Your insurance is considered a financial asset. This can help you increase your credit score, allowing you to take out a loan or even get health insurance. Often times your insurance plan will have a cash value. This cash value cannot be touched by creditors, even in the face of bankruptcy.

Whether you’re looking for personal, business, life, health, workers comp, NJ teachers auto insurance or restaurant insurance, we’ve got you covered at Schumacher Insurance Group. Please contact us for more information about our policies and how we can best serve you.

3 Common Summertime Injuries to Avoid This Year

Summertime usually means more outdoor fun, more travel, and unfortunately, more chances to have injuries.  Here are some of the more common summer injuries and how to avoid them.

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  1. Falls from open windows – The summer breeze of some areas encourages more people to leave windows open. Sadly, many people do not consider the danger associated with this. Children are often treated for injuries from falling out of windows. While a screen attached to a window may seem like a good safety feature, most screens are made to pop out easily in case of emergency. This means that a small child can easily lean against one and fall. Another assumption is that a window is too high for a child to get to easily. But as many parents can tell you, children always find ways to climb on things when they want to see. Never leave a child unsupervised in a room with an open window that could be a danger.
  2. Road Travel – Teens who are out of school may decide summer is the perfect time to load up their friends and drive around. However, the more teens in the car, the higher the risk of crashing. Distractions and lack of experience often cause teen driving to be unsafe. Failure to buckle up and cell phone use are also risks to avoid this summer.
  3. Walking – Yes, walking can be dangerous during the summer as well. Not having to rise early in the morning for school or being on vacation, often means people are out later in the evening. Reflective clothing and following basic traffic rules, such as waiting for walk signals, are essential to safety.

Reduce the risk of common summer injuries by paying attention while having fun. Contact us today for more information on our products.

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