3 Common Summertime Injuries to Avoid This Year

Summertime usually means more outdoor fun, more travel, and unfortunately, more chances to have injuries.  Here are some of the more common summer injuries and how to avoid them.

Injury Prevention

Source: Wikimedia

  1. Falls from open windows – The summer breeze of some areas encourages more people to leave windows open. Sadly, many people do not consider the danger associated with this. Children are often treated for injuries from falling out of windows. While a screen attached to a window may seem like a good safety feature, most screens are made to pop out easily in case of emergency. This means that a small child can easily lean against one and fall. Another assumption is that a window is too high for a child to get to easily. But as many parents can tell you, children always find ways to climb on things when they want to see. Never leave a child unsupervised in a room with an open window that could be a danger.
  2. Road Travel – Teens who are out of school may decide summer is the perfect time to load up their friends and drive around. However, the more teens in the car, the higher the risk of crashing. Distractions and lack of experience often cause teen driving to be unsafe. Failure to buckle up and cell phone use are also risks to avoid this summer.
  3. Walking – Yes, walking can be dangerous during the summer as well. Not having to rise early in the morning for school or being on vacation, often means people are out later in the evening. Reflective clothing and following basic traffic rules, such as waiting for walk signals, are essential to safety.

Reduce the risk of common summer injuries by paying attention while having fun. Contact us today for more information on our products.


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