Make Sure You Take the Right Steps When Your Car Breaks Down

Because a vehicle is such a big investment in many people’s lives, you want your car to run perfectly at all times.  Unfortunately, this doesn’t always happen.  Whether it’s due to worn out parts, lack of preventive maintenance, or an accident on the road, your car can breakdown and this most often happens when we least expect it.  Make sure you keep these car accident safety tips in mind in case your car does break down, so you’re prepared to handle the situation as quickly and properly as possible.

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  1. Never get out of your car and inspect damage or look for issues when your car is broken down on a busy highway or roadway.  Always try to get your car away from heavy traffic, so you can inspect it and perform repairs safely.
  2. Keep a roadside emergency kit in your vehicle that has flares or reflective triangles, so you can warn oncoming traffic that there may be a hazard in the road and that they should proceed with caution.
  3. If you don’t feel safe inspecting your car where it has broken down, use your cell phone to summon assistance.  Whether you contact a friend or family member, a local towing company, or even the police, having someone else there with you may be safer than attempting to handle the situation on your own.
  4. If you have a flat tire, you can drive on the flatten tire and/or rim to get to a safer spot, and the cost of replacing the rim is much less expensive than replacing the entire car.

Make sure your car insurance is current and that you have the coverage you need for life’s little inconveniences.  Contact us at Schumacher Insurance Group today to learn more about our automobile insurance plans and options.


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