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Why You Should Use Umbrella Insurance for Your Belongings

There are a number of good reasons for using umbrella insurance. If you think that limits on your liability insurance cover for all your insurances is unlikely to cover liability costs awarded by a judge in the unfortunate event of a claim against you, then umbrella insurance is the best way to plug any gap.


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If you check your insurance policies you’ll see the limits imposed on liability insurance for all your possessions, whether that’s your homeowner, auto or even your boat policy. Taking out an umbrella policy to boost your personal liability coverage means your cover is boosted. The umbrella insurance is carried above your other insurances and comes into effect once the primary insurer has met any claim up to the limits of liability insurance. For example, if your newly licensed son or daughter causes a chain accident while driving your auto which causes damage to a number of cars and passengers then you’d probably find the excess on the liability aspect of your vehicle insurance would be greatly exceeded. Once your auto insurer paid to the limits of liability cover your umbrella insurer would step in and mop up any shortfall. Due to the massive liability costs awarded in modern times, if you have no umbrella insurance you could well need to sell personal possessions like your home to meet your personal liability obligations.

When you take out an umbrella insurance you know you’ve pretty much covered yourself against worst eventuality personal liability situations, whether claims are made against your auto or RV insurance, home or farm insurance or watercraft. Umbrella insurances are also available to protect business owners. Contact Schumacher Insurance Agency of Woodland Park, NJ to learn more reasons why using umbrella insurance makes such good sense in our modern world.


How to Make a Tornado Safety Plan for Your Home

Tornadoes are a fact of life in many different parts of the country. If you live in one of them, you may not be able to avoid a tornado in every case, especially when there is little warning. However, that doesn’t mean that you have to be unsafe or that your home needs to be in great danger. If you live in a tornado prone area, use this guide to learn how to make a tornado safety plan for your home and family. Your family and house will be better protected with just a little bit of planning.

Tornado Safety Tips

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  • Make a diagram of your home that shows all of the exits. Everyone should memorize routes out of the home, including backup plans like first floor windows.
  • Purchase a NOAA weather radio and use it get warnings in case of a potential tornado. Always keep backup batteries for your NOAA weather radio available.
  • Try to set up your basement for a tornado. That should include a weather radio, food and water for several days, and a source of light that can be used in case the power goes out.
  • Move to an interior hallway if underground space is not available. Avoid rooms with windows or excess glass.
  • Have tornado drills on a regularly basis. This is something you should do monthly, especially if you have small children that need to learn about tornado safety.

Contact Schumacher Insurance Agency for more tips on how to make a tornado safety plan for your home.

5 Tips for Baby Proofing Your Home

You have a baby and now it’s time to make sure your home is safe. There are many ways you can baby proof your home to maximize the safety you provide. You can make use of tips for baby proofing your home to help you out.

Save Money on Your Homeowner Policy With These 5 Steps

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Here are 5 tips to help you keep your home as safe as possible for your baby.

  • Babies are curious by nature. Install a child lock on your toilet so that your little one doesn’t play in unsanitary conditions. It also helps against accidental drowning’s and hurting little fingers.
  • For little babies, remove all crib bumpers, blankets and soft toys from the sleeping area. Though they are cute, these items can suffocate a little one. You will also want to remove any mobiles that have small parts once your baby can pull themselves up.
  • Other tips for baby proofing your home include getting sliding covers for electrical outlets. Again since curiosity is the name of the game for a little one, you want to keep enticing sockets covered.
  • One thing that is rarely thought of is pet food. You pet needs to eat but your baby will also play with it. Those small morsels can prove to be a chocking hazard should your baby taste test the pets food.
  • On top of keeping cords out of reach, mount your flat screen on the wall. Babies will climb anything they can and some will use the television as a tool to pull themselves up on.

You want the best for your child and keeping them safe is your priority. Utilize these tips for baby proofing your home to help you keep the safest environment possible for your family. If you have any questions or concerns, you can always contact us at Schumacher.

5 Cheap Car Insurance Ideas for College Students

College students are typically eager to cut costs while they’re studying, and car insurance can be a significant expense for young people who are taking out their own policy for the first time. There are many different car insurance discounts that college students can take advantage of, and being aware of these discounts is important for those who are looking to pay the lowest possible premiums.

Schumacher Insurance

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The following are five possible discounts on car insurance for college students:

  • Good student discounts- Most insurance companies offer discounts for college students who maintain good grades. This discount could be as much as 10 percent and is typically applicable on policies until a student turns 25.
  • Safe driving record- Your driving record is obviously a huge factor that insurance companies take into account when calculating the cost of your policy. If you have a flawless driving record, you could pay up to 45 percent less for car insurance.
  • Taking anti-theft precautions- Investing in an anti-theft device could do more than just keep your vehicle safe from thieves. It could also qualify you for a car insurance discount.
  • Take a class in defensive driving- If you complete a defensive driving course, you could enjoy a reduction in premium costs of up to 10 percent.
  • Have your parents add your to their policy- While young students who are eager for independence might not like this option, they’ll probably have much lower car insurance expenses on their parents’ policies. Usually, insurance providers will allow college students to stay on their parents policy until they permanently move away from home.

If you have questions on car insurance for college students, contact us at Schumacher Insurance Agency.

How to Get Your Car Ready for Colder Weather

Get the coverage you need for your life at Schumacher Insurance. This includes auto insurance, which is essential. The staff at Schumacher go beyond offering these services to providing valuable information that will help you when you are on the road. With the seasons changing, now is the time to start getting your car ready for cold weather. There are several things you can do to ensure smooth and safe driving.

Prepping Car for Winter

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First, have the brakes checked. This is important when you are on the road. Ice, rain, and debris can cause a car to veer off course. Get them inspected by a mechanic and make repairs so they are in top shape for the winter weather.

In addition to the brakes, have the battery checked. Cold weather elements take a toll on the battery, so make sure there is enough power for the season.

You can feel cold in a car, so the heaters, wipers, and defrosters will all need to work properly. Get them checked so you don’t have to spend lots of time heating up when you get in, and getting rid of frost on the windshield.

Get the antifreeze system cleaned and flushed. It will be fresh for a new season, and work better for the cold temperatures.

Another tip for getting your car ready for cold weather is to check the tires. This is vital for safe driving. Inspect the pressure and tread so that all four tires are in top condition. You don’t want faulty tires on a slippery road.

These tips will help you prepare your car for winter. You can take your car to a mechanic and have these parts inspected so everything is in good working order.

For more information on Schumacher Insurance, contact us online.

What You Need to Know About Flood Insurance

When you’re taking out insurances to protect your belongings in the home or business from damage, flood insurance is likely to be under consideration. Check out exactly what you need to know about flood insurance here:

Flood Insurance

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  • most clients needing flood insurance take out cover under the National Flood Insurance Program (NFIP)
  • risks of flood depend on where properties are located and things like how much flood warning is likely and personal and community precautions to protect property from flood
  • every location in the United States is a potential flood zone. Inland areas may be less susceptible to flooding than coastal but there are still risks. Very dry locations risk flash flooding and heavy snow or rain can lead to serious flood damage
  • under the NFIP residents in high risk flood areas with mortgages are required to have flood insurance in place. It is said there is a one in four risk of flooding during the period of a 30 year mortgage for high risk areas
  • people in areas with low or moderate flood risk are not federally required to take out flood insurance, although a high percentage of flood insurance claims via the NFIP and federal disaster assistance loans are from areas not designated as being at high risk of flooding
  • relying on the federal government to declare your area a disaster area is a shortsighted way of looking at potential flood risks. Firstly, if you are flooded your location may not be declared a disaster area and secondly it is residents only get access to government disaster loans. These have to be repaid with interest, so the loan repayment could cost far more that likely flood insurance premiums

Contact Schumacher Insurance Agency in Woodland Park, NJ to find out more on what you need to know about flood insurance.

5 Reasons Why You Should Have Renter’s Insurance

Your rent, moving costs, setting up – securing a rental apartment has its costs. Therefore, renter’s insurance may seem like yet another expense that you could do without – but don’t! Here are five important reasons to have renter’s insurance:

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  1. Protects your property: Theft, smoke, fire, water damage – these are only a few of the ways that your belongings can get damaged. Having renter’s insurance can help you replace the items destroyed or damaged from such perils. Make sure you understand which perils are and are not covered in your policy.
  2. Protects others who are on you property: What happens if someone hurts themselves while in your apartment? You could be liable for their medical expenses! To protect yourself and help take care of your guests, renter’s insurance is the way to go.
  3. Covers some living expenses: If you have to move out of your home temporarily because of a covered peril, you may be entitled to recoup some of your temporary housing costs, food, and possibly more. Make sure you know how much you are entitled to receive and what items are eligible.
  4. It is required: In addition to paying rent, your landlord may also need you to prove you have renter’s insurance on your belongings before you can move in.
  5. It is affordable: Living is expensive, and renter’s insurance is yet another cost – but it truly is one that you can afford. For less than approximately $200 per year, you can protect your property. Actual per year costs depend on the type of policy you get and where you live.

With these compelling reasons to have renter’s insurance, you may ask yourself how much coverage do you need and which policy is right for you? For trusted advice and professional service, contact Schumacher Insurance Agency.

How to Formulate a Fire Escape Plan

Your home is your castle and as such, it should be a safe haven for you and your family.  Despite precautions you may take to ensure that your home is as safe as possible, unfortunate events can occur that could place your family and your possessions in danger.

Fire Escape Plans

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A house fire is a terrible situation to go through, but thousands and thousands of them happen each year.  While homeowner’s insurance can help you recover financial losses if a house fire occurs, nothing can replace precious things like your loved ones.  Because of this, you should follow these fire safety tips and formulate a fire escape plan for your family to make sure you all get out of your home safely in the event of a fire.

  1. Make sure there is a clear and unblocked route to an exterior exit (doors or windows) from every room in your home, especially the bedrooms.
  2. If escape from a fire requires doing so from an upper floor in your home, make sure there are ladders, a sturdy trellis, or other item handy for reaching the ground from those upper floors.
  3. Don’t rely on one exit path; set up alternate routes for escaping from a house fire for each member of your family.
  4. Have all the members of your family practice “fire drills” so they will all know what routes to take to get out of your home, and make sure they practice following secondary routes, too, in case their primary route is blocked by fire.

Another thing you can do is make sure your homeowner’s insurance is up-to-date and provides the coverage you need (and not the coverage you don’t!) if accidents occur.  Contact one of our agents here at Schumacher Insurance Group today for more information.

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