Why You Should Use Umbrella Insurance for Your Belongings

There are a number of good reasons for using umbrella insurance. If you think that limits on your liability insurance cover for all your insurances is unlikely to cover liability costs awarded by a judge in the unfortunate event of a claim against you, then umbrella insurance is the best way to plug any gap.


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If you check your insurance policies you’ll see the limits imposed on liability insurance for all your possessions, whether that’s your homeowner, auto or even your boat policy. Taking out an umbrella policy to boost your personal liability coverage means your cover is boosted. The umbrella insurance is carried above your other insurances and comes into effect once the primary insurer has met any claim up to the limits of liability insurance. For example, if your newly licensed son or daughter causes a chain accident while driving your auto which causes damage to a number of cars and passengers then you’d probably find the excess on the liability aspect of your vehicle insurance would be greatly exceeded. Once your auto insurer paid to the limits of liability cover your umbrella insurer would step in and mop up any shortfall. Due to the massive liability costs awarded in modern times, if you have no umbrella insurance you could well need to sell personal possessions like your home to meet your personal liability obligations.

When you take out an umbrella insurance you know you’ve pretty much covered yourself against worst eventuality personal liability situations, whether claims are made against your auto or RV insurance, home or farm insurance or watercraft. Umbrella insurances are also available to protect business owners. Contact Schumacher Insurance Agency of Woodland Park, NJ to learn more reasons why using umbrella insurance makes such good sense in our modern world.


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