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3 Steps You Need to Take to Find the Perfect Healthcare Plan

Having quality healthcare is something that you know you need. However, if you’re not one of the lucky people who have their healthcare costs paid for by the employer, you likely also know how much money good health insurance plans can cost. That doesn’t mean that you simply have to forego coverage or pick the bottom of the barrel coverage though.


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Use these three tips to help you find the best health insurance plans for you and your family. It’s well worth the effort.

Know What You Need

Not every person needs the same type of insurance coverage. For example, an individual in their mid-20s likely doesn’t need the same level of coverage and can take a higher deductible on things like doctor visits and prescription drugs because they won’t be using them too often if they’re in good health. An adult at retirement age may require a lower deductible and better drug coverage.

To make this work for you, sit down with a piece of paper and write out a list of what you really need in health insurance plans to consider them as viable options.

Take Exchange Discounts

Individuals who make less than $46,680 and families bringing in less than $95,400 per year may be eligible for discounts through the healthcare exchange. If you can, you should be taking advantage of these discounts to save yourself some money on your monthly payments.

Get Help

Comparing coverage on health insurance plans can drive you a little crazy. That’s why getting help from an insurance broker can really do you some good. Otherwise you may not end up with the best plan for you or paying more than you really need to.

Contact Schumacher Insurance Agency to learn more about health insurance coverage that could work for you.


Find the Perfect Auto Insurance Policy for Your Car With These 3 Tips

Perhaps you purchased a new car and are shopping around for auto insurance policies, or you’re simply thinking about switching insurance companies. When shopping around, it is important to pick a policy that meets all of your needs, while at the same time not breaking the bank. Make note of the following tips for finding the perfect auto insurance policy, while also keeping your premium to a minimum.

Find the Perfect Auto Insurance Policy for Your Car With These 3 Tips


  • The easiest way to lower your premium is by having a high deductible. For instance, if you opt for a $1000 deductible, rather than a $250 deductible, your premium will drop quite a bit. However, if you are an accident and you are found at fault, you will be responsible for coughing up more money.
  • Consider your credit score. Some states will take a person’s credit score into account when coming up with an insurance credit score. It is this score that insurance companies use to compile your premium. If you have bad credit, you could potentially end up paying more for your insurance. To keep your credit score high, pay your bills on time, and fix any issue that may cause your credit score to decrease.
  • Keep in mind that the type of car that you have also makes a difference on insurance premiums. Your comprehensive and collision coverage depends on the make and model of your car, as well as the year of your car. Generally, the more expensive, and the newer your car is, the higher your insurance premium will be. If you want to save money on insurance, consider purchasing a car that is rather inexpensive.

Please contact us at Schumacher Insurance Agency for information about our auto insurance policies or to learn about the other insurance policies that we offer.

Keep Your Car Insurance Premiums Low With These 3 Ideas

Car insurance is something that you need to have by law, but if you’re like most drivers, you know that it protects you from being financially responsible for an accident and can help you prevent having to pay out of pocket for damage to your car. However, that doesn’t make car insurance premiums any easier to pay for or any more affordable. That doesn’t mean you’re simply stuck with high car insurance premiums though. Use this guide to learn three ways you can reduce your car insurance payments while keeping the protection you need.

Young Driver Insurance

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Ask for Discounts

You probably think you’re paying as little as possible for car insurance, but discounts can spring up over time. Perhaps you just turned 55 or retired. Maybe you haven’t had an accident in 24 months. Call your insurance company periodically to see if you qualify for discounts.

Take a Higher Deductible

If you’re a safe driver, having a higher deductible could help you save money over the course of a year. However, you should go over your driving record to make sure you don’t get into even minor accidents on a regular basis – more than once every three years, in fact.

Taking a higher deductible means you’ll have to pay more out of pocket if your car is damaged, but over the course of two or three safe years you could still end up with cash in your pocket. Individuals driving cars with a lower value may also benefit from a higher deductible.

Try Carpooling

Getting out of your car more means driving less, which will help you avoid accidents and damage. Over time, that good driving record will save you money and you’ll pay less for repairs.

Contact Schumacher Insurance Agency for more information about keeping your car insurance premiums low.

How to Insure Your Small Business’s Company Car

When you work offering services such shuttle service or delivery, you are required by the state to have at least the basic coverage of commercial liability insurance. So it is important to know how to insure your small business’s company car. One of the first places to turn is the friendly staff here at Schumacher.

Young Driver Insurance

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Even if it is not a requirement in your situation, having commercial auto insurance can help protect your business from loss in the event of an accident while business is being conducted. In addition to liability insurance, other options may provide more protection for you, your drivers, and your business. Many insurance plans can also add on uninsured motorist coverage, collision coverage, and comprehensive coverage.

Once you know what commercial coverage your business needs, you can begin searching for the policy that is right for you and you can make sure that you are confident in the purchase choice that you make for your auto insurance coverage.

Here are five tips that will help you determine if you need this type of insurance coverage:

  • If your vehicle is used to transport goods or people as part of your business
  • If the nature of your work would deem it necessary or appropriate to have better insurance coverage than the basic coverage
  • Hauling a considerable amount of products, dealing in high weight loads, or shipments that could be deemed hazardous
  • Having employees use vehicles under the company or owners licenses and certifications may make this insurance necessary
  • Many business are not covered by personal policies due to the nature of the work so commercial auto insurance may be necessary

Call Schumacher Insurance today to get a quote and to find out what plan is best for you and how to Insure your small business’s company car!

5 Factors That Will Affect Your Life Insurance Quote

Life insurance is a perfect way to ensure your loved ones are protected financially and is a major investment. A lower premium will yield major savings over a period of years. Here are some of the most important factors insurers consider when determining life insurance quotes.

Life Insurance

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  • Age – This is the number one factor when considering life insurance quotes. The basic premise is that the younger you are, the lower your premium will be as based on statistics it will take years before insurers will have to worry before writing a check.
  • Gender – Statistical models are used to determine how long someone should be around and it has been determined that women lives about 5 years longer than males. Based on this women do pay slightly less than their male counterparts.
  • Smoking – This bad habit places you at a higher risk for all sorts of ailments and is a definite red flag for insurance companies. It is not uncommon for smokers to pay twice as much in life insurance than non-smokers for similar coverage. It is advised to kick the habit to save on life insurance premiums.
  • General Health – The underwriting process usually includes a medical exam where your weight, blood pressure, cholesterol, height and other key factors are recorded. Ensure that serious conditions are managed to get a competitive rate.
  • Lifestyle – If your hobbies include dangerous activities like climbing mountains or racing fast cars, expect to pay much more for life insurance as every time you engage in these types of high-risk activities, then there is a chance of meeting an early end. Dangerous professions can also cause a higher premium in some instances like mining.

Contact us at Schumacher Insurance Agency for all your insurance needs and one of our experts will gladly assist.

Stay Safe on Your Motorcycle With These 5 Safety Ideas

The freedom and excitement of riding a motorcycle comes with a lot of responsibility. You have to take into consideration that you’re nowhere near as well-protected from injuries as you would be in a car.

Keep the following motorcycle safety tips in mind when you’re on the road:

Tips for Preparing Your Motorcycle for the Winter


  • Always wear a helmet. While helmets aren’t required by law in every state, you should always wear one. Wearing a helmet is one of the most effective ways to keep yourself safe when riding. Helmets help lower the risk of suffering serious and potentially fatal head injuries.
  • Take a safety course. Depending on your state’s laws, this might be a requirement for getting a motorcycle license. Even if it’s not, taking a motorcycle safety course is strongly recommended. This course helps you learn about traffic safety laws and gives you a chance to practice riding safely.
  • Cover up. Invest in armored motorcycle gear that will protect your skin if you end up sliding along the road or falling off your bike. The right gear also protects you from rocks and other objects that can come flying at you while you’re riding.
  • Make sure there’s enough space. This is one of the most important motorcycle safety tips. You need to have enough stopping distance on your bike, which is something that’s easy to underestimate. Figure out how much distance you need to stop safely, and leave plenty of room between you and the car in front of you.
  • Avoid riding in bad weather. Don’t take your bike out for a spin if it’s raining, sleeting or snowing. These weather conditions can affect your visibility, and slippery road surfaces make it harder for you to maintain control of your bike.

Need information on motorcycle insurance policies? Contact Schumacher Insurance Group to get a quote.

Building Your Dream Home This Year? Be Sure to Have Builder’s Risk Insurance

Creating your home from the plans to the finished product is an exciting time. You are living the American Dream and having a home of your own custom designed and built. During all the excitement, it is important not to get caught up in the dream and remember some down to earth details. Protect the structure and the team on the job with builders risk insurance. 

Building Your Dream Home This Year Be Sure to Have Builder's Risk Insurance


Based on the total completed value of the home you are having built, builders risk insurance will cover issues arising during the construction period. Insurance of this kind may be issued for a three, six or twelve month period. If, as happens in construction, things take longer, the policy can be extended.

Insuring the Structure

When a home is coming together it is up against many risk factors. Remember, a home which is just a frame is much more vulnerable than a framed, insulated and finished structure. Some of the things which builders risk insurance will cover include:

  • Fire
  • Wind
  • Storms
  • Theft
  • Vandalism
  • Explosion

Not only will the building be protected with this type of coverage, but other pieces of the puzzle will fall under the insurance as well. Additional items which may be covered include:

  • Blueprints and Contracts
  • Debris Removal
  • Fire Department Services
  • Property in Transit
  • Property in Storage
  • Scaffolding
  • Sewer Backup

Ensuring You Are Covered

Along with obtaining a policy which will cover your dream home, it is important to see what type of insurance the contractors will have. You want to be sure that every inch and every person working on your home is safe.

To help you navigate which insurance you will need for building your dream home, contact our team. We will make sure that from the nuts and bolts to the property itself, you dream house comes true!

5 Tips for Staying Healthy During Allergy Season

Allergy season is no fun. The watery eyes, runny nose and itchy skin can ruin even the best day. In order to make a smooth transition from winter to spring, check out our top five tips for staying healthy during allergy season.

Tips for Staying Healthy During Allergy Season

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Stay away from things which you are allergic to whenever possible. If you have hay fever, watch the morning news for the pollen report. When counts are high, plan to have lunch inside.

Wash your hands. This is one of the best tips year round, but is especially important during allergy season. People touch their face more often than they notice. Washing your hands will prevent the spread of allergens and germs.

When you get home, change your clothes. Whether you took a walk near all the spring flowers, or simply went to work, changing when you get home prevents any allergens which have settled on your clothing from spreading around your home.

Meet with an allergy specialist to find out what you are allergic to. While many people know if they are allergic to nuts or pets, you may not know about more subtle allergies like mango skin or synthetic dyes. Working with an allergist you will know what is setting you off, so you that you can avoid it.

If these tips for staying healthy during allergy season are not enough, take to the drugstore. Over the counter medications work wonders for relieving allergy symptoms. Be sure to find ones which do not make you drowsy. In addition to oral medications there are nose sprays and throat lozenges which will target specific symptoms. Allergy medications are helpful to have on hand just in case you come into contact with your triggers.

Stay healthy and protected this season by contacting our team for the best insurance today!

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