3 Steps You Need to Take to Find the Perfect Healthcare Plan

Having quality healthcare is something that you know you need. However, if you’re not one of the lucky people who have their healthcare costs paid for by the employer, you likely also know how much money good health insurance plans can cost. That doesn’t mean that you simply have to forego coverage or pick the bottom of the barrel coverage though.


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Use these three tips to help you find the best health insurance plans for you and your family. It’s well worth the effort.

Know What You Need

Not every person needs the same type of insurance coverage. For example, an individual in their mid-20s likely doesn’t need the same level of coverage and can take a higher deductible on things like doctor visits and prescription drugs because they won’t be using them too often if they’re in good health. An adult at retirement age may require a lower deductible and better drug coverage.

To make this work for you, sit down with a piece of paper and write out a list of what you really need in health insurance plans to consider them as viable options.

Take Exchange Discounts

Individuals who make less than $46,680 and families bringing in less than $95,400 per year may be eligible for discounts through the healthcare exchange. If you can, you should be taking advantage of these discounts to save yourself some money on your monthly payments.

Get Help

Comparing coverage on health insurance plans can drive you a little crazy. That’s why getting help from an insurance broker can really do you some good. Otherwise you may not end up with the best plan for you or paying more than you really need to.

Contact Schumacher Insurance Agency to learn more about health insurance coverage that could work for you.


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