Paying Auto Insurance By the Mile vs. By the Month

Are you finding yourself stressed out over the amount you pay for auto insurance per month? It may be time to take a different approach and pay your auto insurance by the mile. This allows you save money by only paying for the miles you are using every month.

Young Driver Insurance

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  • If You Do Not Drive Often: You may find yourself paying $150 a month for insurance. If you do not drive as often as others, this can feel a bit unfair. Why pay a higher price for something you do not use often? When you pay by the mileage, you may find yourself paying four cents per mile, rather than 26 cents. You may pay more in July than June, but at least you will only be charged for the miles you use.
  • You Can Save Money: It is no secret that you are going to save money by paying per the mile, even if you find yourself driving often. Depending on how often you drive each month, you could find yourself paying $60 per month, instead of the usual $150 a month. It may vary per month, but you will not have to overpay for the months you are not driving often.
  • Respects Your Privacy: When you pay per the mile instead of the month, your insurance company will send you a sensor to attach to the diagnostic port of your car. This allows the company to track your mileage and charge you for the correct amount. The company is only looking to track your mileage, so you do not have to worry about your privacy being violated.

When you are ready to start paying your auto insurance by the mile, consider using Schumacher Insurance Agency.

You can get started on changing your auto insurance policy by contacting us today.


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