Make Your Home More Storm Resistant With These 5 DIY Ideas

Although insurance is a very sensible precaution against severe weather, there are other measure you can take to protect your home against storms. Even with the security of insurance it is far more convenience and less traumatic to have a home fortified against weather in the first place, so consider these five DIY ideas for improving your resilience against bad weather:

Flood Insurance

Source: Wikimedia

  1. The roof is an easily damaged part of the home. Reinforcing it with roof sheathing, using ring-shank nails, can increase its durability immensely. A bigger project, shallow eaves give wind less to work against, again improving stability.
  2. Windows and doors impact-rated to withstand hurricanes are a sound investment and remove the need for shutters. If they are too expensive, shutters are still a good idea that add considerable durability if they are used with windows and doors which meet your local design pressure rating.
  3. Using fire-retardant materials for tiling on roofs and walls will help tremendously if a storm causes a fire to break out, whether locally or as a wildfire. Materials such as clay tiles, slate, and bricks are all good, offering direct protection against storms and secondary protection against fire.
  4. You may also benefit from paying attention to the garden. Vegetation can be a fire hazard, roots can create cracks that let water in, and debris can be an impact risk. Tidying up the garden and ensuring rotten tree branches are removed can help prevent these risks.
  5. Anchor objects such as fuel tanks, barbeques grills, and anything else which might not be easily moved indoors, to prevent them becoming missiles in high winds.

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